May 17, 2019

Life is great

I got up this morning and shuffled into the bathroom to get ready for work.  I grabbed a clean towel from the closet and turned on the sink faucet to shave. The water was cold as usual. It takes a minute or so for the hot water to reach upstairs. The water never got warm, in fact, it got colder.

Damn. Sigh.

I trotted downstairs and out to the garage. I could hear water dripping before I even turned on the light. Yep. The water heater was out. I turned off the water pipe leading to the heater. Crap and double crap.

I called off work then started pricing water heaters.

First, I don't understand the reluctance of a plumber to offer a general estimate. I get things might change once they get to the house, but a price estimate range is not unreasonable. I told three plumbers that if they cannot give me a rough estimate I would work with a plumber who would.

In other news, I am alive, I have a wife who loves me and wonderful grand kids  and kids.  I am blessed. I do have plenty to be thankful for. A cold shower might be good for me.

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B said...

THey aren't that hard to replace yourself. Prolly save a grand in Plumber labor.

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