January 2, 2020

A Thursday Post for those with Short Attention Spans

“Liar” may not be an apt description, but my pants are warm enough to be smoking. Yes, I led you somewhat astray in my post yesterday. The Christmas decorations are still up, inside and out. The Boss decreed that they shall stay up until the weekend. I argued “weather” and got the look. So there you have it, a case of accidental prevarication.

I threw a chuck roast into the crockpot yesterday. Mashed spuds and corn rounded out the meal. No black eyed peas, nor cabbage for our New Years’ fare.

Today has a distinctive Monday feel. I guess it is because the girls are back today.

Where do belly buttons go to school? The Navel Academy. Baboomp. I got a new Dad Jokes book for Christmas. You are welcome.

Have a great day.


Practical Parsimony said...

My friend laughed at the question but not at the answer...lol. Funny joke.

Cappy said...

Great belly button joke.

Hank Hill requests firmly, yet politely that you leave.

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