March 16, 2020

I’m afraid of more than fear itself

I’m not sure how I feel about the Government demanding private businesses to close. Governors in neighboring states have forced restaurants and bars to close their doors. This pseudo marshal law will put hundreds of thousands out of work. If I were a waiter, a concessionaire, a hotel employee, any service worker, I would be pissed I’m at home, earning a fraction of my wages on unemployment, while idled state and federal employees are getting full pay.

Big box retailers are cutting their hours, perhaps under pressure from the authorities. Doesn’t that force more people to be at the store at the same time? If you cut your hours by 50% doesn’t that mean the theoretical number of people in the store doubles? And again, workers at groceries and Walmart are among the lowest paid.

Clearly our food supply cannot support people buying two or four weeks of supply, forget eight weeks. Empty shelves for almost a week are a testament to this. I’m not sure what the poorest among us or those who live in urban food deserts are supposed to do.

I can’t help feel we are committing economic suicide over this. The airlines almost did not recover from 9/11. Now millions of workers have been idled via government fiat. Many small businesses cannot sustain a month or two of lost sales.

A global economic depression is about to descend.

I sure don’t have answers. Maybe this will get the Chinese to quit eating bats and lizards and contracting weird diseases that spread around the world.  Perhaps these harsh steps are what we need to protect us from our selves.

I know I’m worried. We are barely holding on. My temp job at the big box has dried up. I worry prospective employers are going to put things on hold. The prospect of losing everything is starting to loom as a distinct possibility.

I take little solace in knowing many will be in the same position soon.

Yes, I’m scared.

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Practical Parsimony said...

When people are on unemployment, are they still required to apply for jobs? I know even places like Lowe's have online apps, but what about people who still need to apply for their job in person?

Maybe if the Chinese and Trump had not made light of the Wuhan problem, we would not be in such a pickle. I know you think he can do no wrong, but surely you see a problem.

Joe said...

I think Trump does plenty wrong.

Practical Parsimony said...

I am surprised to hear that.

Joe said...

You must not read everything I write

glasslass said...

There was no way for Trump to do this right. Jan.30th if he issued a dire warning CNN and the rest would have pilloried him for fear mongering. Closed incoming from China and was called a racist. So as it gets worse he's accused of not instilling enough fear. This is a can't win no matter what. My son thinks he doing too much and my daughter thinks he's not doing enough. Jan 30th pinged something and I went shopping the next day to plug any holes in my supplies. So, I'll just stay home and read blogs.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

In regard to the coronavirus, Trump has done much more right than he has done wrong.

For one thing, he has listened to experts. For another, as much as people think Pence is a lightweight, Pence has done him good service running the coronavirus task force.

And of course, Trump is not Obama, who let the swine flu epidemic kill 10,000+ Americans before he could be bothered to do something about it.

Does Trump do everything right? Nope.

Did Obama? Hell no. What about Bush 43? Don't make me laugh.

Here's a little secret that nobody ever seems to take into account: Every president comes to the job woefully unprepared for it, because he has no idea what is going to blow up in his face. Anybody who wants to be president who hasn't already served four years as president and tells you how wonderful things will be when he is president should be tossed off of a cliff.

That's not to say it can't work the other way around. Look at Bush 43. He's in office less than a year and starting to look like a failure, and boom, 9/11 turns him into a statesman and war leader. (Admittedly that didn't last but about five years and we're still mired in the war neither he or Obama could get us out of, but Trump is getting us out of.)

People had fits when Trump closed the US to inbound flights from China. Guess who closed their countries to "non-essential foreign arrivals" today? The EU, some of the biggest complainers and race-baiters when Trump did it in the first place.

Much of what is going on right now is directly attributable to the crazed anti-Trump media. Did people panic in 2009 over the swine flu like they're panicking over the coronavirus? For that matter, did they panic in 2003 over another coronavirus, SARS? No, and that's because the media didn't use either of those pandemics as a club to beat on the sitting president.

I'd go on for days on this, but it's Joe's blog, not mine, and I've got chili on the stove.

Jean said...

Ohio is dropping the waiting period for unemployment and anyone losing their job because of the corona virus will not be required to look for work at this time.

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