May 23, 2020

Bad news always is accompanied by good

I made a coffee cake yesterday. After, I got into an argument with the cling wrap. One of us was being stubborn. Some harsh words were muttered. Eventually the whole remaining roll went into the trash, mangled beyond use. It was almost gone anyway. Mr. Press and Seal might have won the skirmish, but I won the war. Good luck at the landfill jerk.

A new and much improved HVAC dude came by. The furnace is shot. He made the AC work. He put on band-aids, baling wire, and chewing gum. The wife can sleep easy as temps this weekend are forecasted to hit the upper eighties. The total cost was a fifth of the other guy’s AC repair quote and his cost for a complete furnace and AC replacement as about half. I guess I have a new HVAC guy. Now I just need to scrounge up five grand before it gets cold.

It may or may not rain. It doesn’t matter, I have to put in my time at the big box retail joint all afternoon and evening. In the meantime, the coffee is warm, I have leftover coffee cake and it is a great day.

Go forth and prosper.


Ed Bonderenka said...

It's sad the way it works.
You have a cracked heat exchanger.
Your AC is probably good.
They always sell a new AC with the new furnace because they refuse to just replace the heat exchanger.

My heat exchanger went bad a couple years ago.
The part was still under warranty, but no one would do the labor! No interest!

I paid a guy under the table $100 to exchange my heat exchanger because you need a license to do so.

I pulled it out and I put it in. It wasn't particularly hard.

"But your furnace is 20 years old!"

So's my truck, What's your point?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Well that turned into a blog post and not the one I intended to write. :)

Cappy said...

Attaboy! Make that thin sheet of plastic your bitch!

Practical Parsimony said...

Ed, It was good information to know.

I would rather have ac than heat in the house. I am so glad your wife can sleep now.

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