July 27, 2020

new week, laced with optimism. As usual.

Keep yer fingers crossed. I had a promising initial interview with a big widget manufacturer this morning. Well, with the recruiter. Since these are the same kind of widgets I have been involved with through manufacturing and sales since 1989, I know the products, or at least how and where they work. The position is for aftermarket rather than OEM sales, which is mostly what I have done, but we shall see.

What that means, is I sold the products by the tens of thousands directly to the factories where the cars, trucks, motors, etc. were made. The aftermarket is selling to the repair shops, warehouses, and distributors for sale to people to fix or replace a worn part. Companies make lots of profit on aftermarket parts. OEM parts keep the factories open and pay the bills.  That $20 Bearing you just bought down at the auto parts store was probably sold to Ford for around $2.  Ford bought 500,000 pieces. The local auto parts store will buy 13.

That’s more info than you wanted. Or need. Or care about.

Have a great Monday.


Jean said...

Good luck, Joe.

squeeky's mom said...

I'll say a prayer.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Praying buddy. It's not TMI.

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