October 8, 2020

All we have to fear are bears

Eddie Van Halen died. The world has lost a great musician. I will admit I wasn’t a big Van Halen fan. It isn’t like I switch off the radio when Jump comes on, but I am pretty sure I never owned any of their music. That in no way means I don’t appreciate Eddie’s guitar prowess, it was more my dislike of David Lee Roth. And probably a little jealousy that Eddie scored Valerie Bertinelli.

I had to get some new glasses. I’m back to bifocals. Sigh. The Doctor doesn’t know why my vision is deteriorating. The long distance prescription didn’t change, it was just that  couldn’t read stuff. I’m relearning how to use bifocals. I got my first pair shortly after I started this blog. Lost the need after my eye surgeries in 2016, and now need them again. The doctor said there is no indication the Fuchs Dystrophy is returning. There is that. 

Instead of complaining about needing glasses and bifocals, I’m choosing to remember that without cornea transplants I would be completely blind right now. 

After tacos for supper last night I sat on the porch enjoying a pleasant fall evening. I read a few sentences in the Stephen Coonts novel I’m reading between watching the sun sink behind the neighbor’s house and listening to a cricket’s plaintive cry for insect nookie. As I watched night slowly come to the October sky I reflected that I’m truly blessed. 

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Unclezip said...

Fish oil with Omega-3 is what my optometrist recommends.

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