January 8, 2021

Present for duty

I am here. Settle down. I have been putting in copious hours at work in a strange schedule. By the time I get home I am too tired to devote time to the secret blog. So it goes.

You may or may not be shifting from foot to foot, dancing the peepee dance in anticipation of my comments on the current political shenanigans. 

Trump has destroyed in a couple of days all of the good things he accomplished in his one-term tenure as President. He will go down in history as the first US President to resist the outcome of the election. History will define his Presidency as the guy who incited a riot over the results of the Electoral College. 

You may argue the election was tainted. You may be right. The courts do not agree with you on the evidence. The individual States do not agree with you on the evidence. In a federalist system, which I believe wholeheartedly, that is enough. The election was decided when the Electors met last month. 

Were I King of the World ( and we all know I should be), the rioters would have been shot when they breached the Capital Steps. I said the same about the summer riots too. 

Cocaine Mitch cut off his nose to spite his face. He handed the Democrats a perfect storm of votes in the Georgia election when he refused to have a vote on increasing aid to Americans. Now the Stupid Party is back where they obviously feel most comfortable; as the minority Party. It is far easier to complain than to lead. That way they can say "we tried" instead of having to do the hard work of leading. 

I suspect many of my long-time blog friends will have issues with this post. So be it.


Greybeard said...

The courts are not even considering the evidence of fraud, and there is PLENTY of it.
They're worried a brave decision on their part will destroy our cities.
And they are right. But they are also responsible for the cancer that has allowed us to reach this point.
I'm disgusted with all our "leaders".
And dismayed at the loss of our Republic.

Practical Parsimony said...

I have no issues with your post.

Cheryl said...

I liked the post Joe.

Hair said...

I'll probably drop your blog. You show how easy it is to abandon your principles you have tried (without conviction evidently,) to instill in your readers.
So, who receives your great words of wisdom now? Can't be Conservatives, cause you just threw us under the bus!

Cappy said...

Thank you for blogging this. My feet are sore from the dance and bladder bursting to the danger point.

A relieved nation expresses it's gratitude.

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