January 11, 2021

The Final Solution

 The couch commandos, the recliner revolutionaries, and armchair admirals are screaming for a civil war. I ask, which of my neighbors I should shoot first? Perhaps I should start with the occupants of the house down the street that had a BLM sign in their yard last summer and a Biden/Harris placard in the fall? I don't know, their kids are kind of cute.

Perhaps you warriors in waiting propose I go after politicians? I ask honestly, which side do you think the police will fall? How successful will I be as a lone gunman? What organization should I join? As far as I can tell the militia movement is populated with ex-reenactors and wanna bees. Like the Klan, I suspect there are three actual members of the Militia movement, plus two FBI agents, and seventeen police informers in the rank and file. Sorry, Red Dawn was a movie.

So where do we go from here? Nobody wants to hear it, but if you want change it has to be on the local level. You can't effect things nationally. Those POS politicians were bought and sold before they ever took office. Consider that a candidate spends tens of millions to get a job that pays about $150K. What more do you need to know?

At the Statehouse is where you make sure another election is not stolen. Elect people who intend to fix the election laws. Vote out the corrupt judges who think there are exceptions to the law. If the law says no mail-in votes then you can't make exceptions because of a virus. The law does not work that way. Vote those judges out. That is not a Federal issue, it is a State issue.

Your State representative cannot hide from you like the swamp dwellers in Washington. Your Senator likely doesn't even have a home in your state anymore. Your State representative probably shops at the grocery or Walmart in your town. Make sure he/she passes laws to get rid of mail-in voting. The polls are open for weeks before an election, there is no reason for anyone outside of medical reasons not to show up, present a picture ID and vote. 

Elect right-thinking county councilmen, county clerks, and judges. Get control of your city council. Vote for like-minded representatives in your State. Vote for a good governor. No more elections will be stolen. The power of the big city voting machine is minimized at the local level. 

If you are really concerned, sign up to be a poll watcher, observe the vote counting. If you believe the election was stolen, then you need to recognize it was done at the local level; at the precinct, at the county, at the state. Fix that, and the rest will fix itself. 

I know, it is far more satisfying to vent and rage and "resist" on the internet. Unfortunately, it is far more effective to make sure the leftists are voted out in two years.  

Should the Leftist hordes decide to take your guns by force or round us up for re-education, or otherwise infringe on our God-given freedoms, then I will be with you in going for the guns. Until then, how about we back down on the rhetoric a little. Frankly, some of you sound suspiciously like the Kooks on the other side four years ago.


Cappy said...

Right again.

Have been giving thought to what you posted during the weekend. Especially the first two paragraphs.

Signing up as a poll watcher in deep blue Cleveland tho, that takes real guts. More than I had last fall, I tell you whut.

Hope it never comes to the last paragraph.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost stop the lies. Make people responsible for them. Like Rudy guiliana editing film to make it seem like ballots were being stuffed. He deliberately chopped film to present "evidence" and then they named the woman and turned her into a target for their gain. Put yourself in that person's shoes. And you support the people that thinks that is okay? Where are your values? Maybe you should worry more about helping people and developing understanding vs supporting people that are puppets for one person's power. Otherwise the blood of the police officer and any one else hurt in these frays is on your hands as well.

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