January 8, 2021


Trump says he will not attend Biden’s inauguration.

Harrison, Garfield, McKinley, Roosevelt, Kennedy, and even Nixon had a good excuse. 

In Trump’s case I can only attribute it to a lack of class. 


Stuart said...

It is not a lack of class. The Trump family has shown class their entire time in the White House. What Mr. Trump is doing is refusing to legitimize a coup. That is called principle.

Anonymous said...

And... Joe becomes "The Good German"

Joe said...

Hyperbole much?

I’m not willing to shoot my neighbors over it. Are you, mein Freund?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joe for standing up for the rule of law, for understanding violence is not acceptable, that character does matter, that words have consequences, and that we are a country that works thru our differences for the common good.

Melissa said...

I wish he were going just to fuck with them.

Cappy said...


Here's my take:

1. Rioters were wrong, needed to and were stopped.

2. Biden will be inaugurated on January 20th. This became true when the Electoral College vote was certified in Congress.

3. I don't like Biden, Harris, their supporters or their agenda. And I extend to them every bit of respect and courtesy their people did to Trump and Pence.

Unclezip said...

We didn't hire Trump as POTUS because of his personality - we hired him because he's not a politician.

Joe said...


We agree completely

Anonymous said...

Why do we, let alone Trump, need to be "polite, classy, well-mannered" when the Demorats since 2015 when DJT announced dems have vilified, denigrated and attacked him from every angle. The news laughed and when he proved to be a viable candidate they said if he's elected we will impeach him. This has been non-stop for 1,800 + days. Nancy get up weekly and spews liesX1000, next day it's fish eye with I have PROOF!! that never materializes then comes Salwell with his Fang Fang who won't shut up and when those get tired then comes their "squad". And so it go's. Relentless on a 24/7/365 cycle. Then comes the media who quotes endlessly that these people have spoken pearls of wisdom and how could we question them! You must believe! It's for the good of the country! DJT - Evil, Evil, Everyone knows that! And the Republicans roll over and issue a tepid reply. So to hell with their fake president. Margi

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