May 1, 2021

Partying with Peppa Pig

We stepped into the dollar store after supper to grab a few things. I get lunch snacks there, spice drops (my newest addiction), and a new ball for the littlest grandgirl. I. Willing to spend a buck for many things I wouldn’t otherwise buy. One thing I don’t think I would buy at the dollar store is pregnancy tests. Yes, they had pregnancy tests. Like most stuff there it probably came from China.  A country that breeds like rabbits is not my source for discovering if my girl is about to be my baby momma. Of course those kind of worries are decades in my past. 

Today we celebrate the youngest granddaughter’s birthday. Her actual birthday is the 4th, but family and friends will be partying like two year olds today. What can be bad about bounce houses and birthday cake?

Oh, despair not, it is still southern rock weekend here.

Have a great Saturday.

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