October 3, 2021

Living in the past

Anyone who has read the musings and minutiae of this space since it’s humble beginnings back in 1947 is aware that I love history. I enjoy reminiscing. I relish tales of yore. 

But I wouldn’t go back and relive a moment of my life for any amount of riches. I’ve been there, done that. I made the best decisions based on the moment with the knowledge at hand.

OK, I made some bad decisions. Lots of them. But that’s how we build up life knowledge. It’s called experience. 

I have no interest in going to a high school reunion. If I wanted to talk to old schoolmates I would. If they wanted to find me it wouldn’t be hard. Until a year or so ago my mom and dad lived right there in the house where I grew up. 

Unlike the plot of movies, high school wasn’t the best time of my life. I didn’t hate it, but it sure wasn’t my glory days. Same with college, where I had a great time, as my grades proved. But, I wouldn’t go back. 

I’ve lived a pretty happy life. Lots of highs, even more lows. 

But I have lived. 

For that I’m thankful. But you can’t go back. You shouldn’t want to.

Apropos  nothing related to this post, here is a poorly taken selfie of the wife and I all gussied up in our fancy clothes at a wedding last night:

Edit. Missed it  you should be clicking here every day

I’m not so good at taking selfie pictures, as you can see.

But man, do I look old. WTH happened?


Ed Bonderenka said...

You guys look good.
A recently attended my 50th. I felt I should go. It was interesting and I don't regret it.

Jean said...

You don't look old. You look distinguished and your wife looks simply beautiful, as usual.

Cappy said...

Dating a girl who was a year ahead of me in High School.

She has solved time travel, answered the queston "what would you do if you could go back?" The answer - not a got danged thing! Still no car! That idiot kid yammers about Apple stock and relational calculus all day!

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