November 7, 2021

Sunday Sundae

I’m not going to launch into my semi-annual diatribe on the idiocy of changing the clocks. I know not a single person who likes the ritual, yet we let our overlords insist on Daylight Savings time or not without reason. 

I got the yard mowed yesterday, likely for the last time this year. A bunch of leaves got chopped with the grass. That is a few hundred thousand I won’t have to rake over the next few weeks. I still need to clean out and store my fountain. That means hooking the hose back up. I also need to store away the cushions from the patio chairs. Winter is coming, my friends. The weather person hinted at some snow flurries by week’s end. 

Guess what? Joe Brandon has backtracked and now allows we ARE going to pass out cash to illegals. Break the law, get some bucks. What a country we live in. And just where will Joe get that money? Straight from your paycheck. And since we already spend more than we take n, that means printing IOUs. More inflation! Wee, I loves me some leftist economics. I would like to operate like the government. Too bad the mortgage company and grocery store won’t play along. To paraphrase, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger steak today” . My bank won’t let me print money. They seem to think I should actually have some deposited before I spend it. Strange, that.

Now I’ve painted myself into a blogging corner. That’s the problem when you compose posts like I do  — without forethought or plan. I just sit down a write. I don’t want to end on a message of political disgust, a low note.  I prefer to leave you with something positive on this fine fall morning. 

My granddaughter told me a good joke last evening. Where do surfers get educated? At boarding school! 

Have a great Sunday.

Hear we have your humble narrator posed in his work truck just prior to a customer visit earlier this week. Just think, when I first went into sales I wore a suit and tie for every sales call. I’m calling on a different kind of customer now. But I haven’t regularly worn a tie for a very, very long time. 

I still have a nice pair of wingtips to wear with my suit. I can be classy when I choose. 

I prefer my torn jeans and old faded Cubs T-shirt I’m wearing now.


Ed Bonderenka said...

That'd be a good profile pic for LinkedIn.

Cheryl said...

Cute joke from a cutie I bet. I really try to not listen to the news because it is such a downer.

Practical Parsimony said...

I love DST! lol So, that is one person.

Joe said...

Yes but you don’t like going away from it!

Switching clocks is my beef

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