February 12, 2022

I blame it on Friday Afternoon

The coffee is hot. The sky is cloudy. Classic rock plays quietly in the background as I type this one-fingered on the little iPad keyboard. 

We had a great time with the granddaughters last night. We took them to an Italian restaurant, the big National chain. Both girls were angels, even the two year-old. Sometimes she gets bored and antsy at dinner. She rarely eats at supper time so dining out at dinner can be a challenge. She is two. She isn’t bad, just wants to bounce around. Last night she sat and colored and then ate her entire plate of pasta when it arrived. 

I haven’t mentioned much, but I dig my new job. I’m ready to travel, but that is more the COVID state of things. Hard to visit people working from home. 

I did get annoyed yesterday. I asked my engineer to examine a customer drawing to make sure the part we quoted matched the requirements. She told me I was good to go. I duly informed the customer, copying my boss and a bunch of other folks in the customer’s engineering department. About 45 minutes later my boss, who used to be an applications engineer, sends an email informing me that the seal we quoted was different than the customer spec. 

Yes, I cursed out loud. I then had to send an “upon further review” email to everyone. Of course, I’m the one who looks bad here. A reasonable person will interpret that the dumb salesman forgot to check with engineering first. No I wouldn’t throw the engineer under the bus in front of the customer. Her credibility is more important with the customer than mine. Besides, she is fairly new too. And yes, with my experience I should have caught the difference.  Blame it on Friday.

Now it is Saturday. Have a great one.

The  grandgirls just before Christmas:

Missed it


Jean said...

Oh, my. They are cuter than cute!

Scott said...

Your cup runneth over. Lucky guy.

Mike said...

I agree! I'm an engineer and my son is just starting his engineering career. Someone in the machine shop made a mistake in fabrication and he was upset because he thought it reflected badly on him. He asked for my advice. I told him if possible, work with the machinist and modify your design to fit the error. I said by doing that he will have saved the part and made an ally. i told him, When you make a mistake, and you will, he will repay you in spades. He agreed and all was well. Better to work together than point fingers.

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