May 19, 2022

airports bring out the worst in people

I’m back in God’s Favorite State. It was a very good business trip this week, but I’m tired. Yesterday we left the hotel just after 7:30 AM. I walked in my front door at 1:23 AM this morning. If my math is right that is around an 18 hour day that included the unpleasantness that is flying and airports these days. The only saving grace is the late flight was not full and the middle seat next to me was open. To round out the experience was a conference call at 8AM this morning. Yay, me. 

I always point to weeks like this when people say they wish they had a job like mine. 

Don’t let me fool you. I like my job. I like travel. I like the life on the road. Just never confuse vacation travel with business travel. 

Gas was $5.09 in Maryland. Thanks Brandon. We are pushing Jimmah Carter levels of inflation, but at least we don’t have mean tweets. Experts predict $6 gas by Independence  Day. That is more than double the price before Biden became President. Obama blamed everything on Bush. Biden blames it all on Putin. Seems like things go to crap when we have a Democrat in charge. I think I know who to blame, even if the President doesn’t. 

While I’m giving Democrats their deserved bashing, how do all of you who propagated the lie that  Georgia’s voting law was  “Jim Crow on steroids” explain how more people in Georgia are early voting than ever? Yes, I know, no mean tweets. 

I’m sorry I don’t have any amusing stories or anecdotes from this trip. It was all pretty routine this time. That is a good thing.

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Cheryl said...

So how do you feel about the stock market. It's a joke between gas prices, food prices and shortages, and baby formula problems. But don't worry everything will be ok.

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