May 20, 2022

Ready Steve?

 Friday. Windy. Warm. There, we have the weather covered. 

Biden has exactly the gas prices he wants to force you to quit driving a big SUV and cough up cash for an EV, whether you want it or not. Plus, it makes alternative fuels more cost competitive. Think I’m wrong? The administration will not even concede gas is too high.  Look at the gas price chart in the linked article. Funny how those highs mostly coincide with Democrats in the Oval Office, particularly the record high costs. 

Think inflation is flattering your wallet now? Wait until record high diesel fuel costs get rolled into every good shipped in the US. Grocery prices will really skyrocket, providing you can find your favorite meat, frozen food, canned good, or produce on the shelf. 

Funny how my liberal commenters  have gone all cricket chirps these days. It is hard to tell me I’m wrong when the empirical evidence is slapping you in the face every time you pull into your local gas pump and grocery. 

On to more amusing stuff. This was stuck in m head this morning. Ready Steve? Andy? Mic? Let’s goooo!

I have to get myself a cape.


Practical Parsimony said...

I just don't want to refute your opinions that mostly are just parroting what you read. For instance, Biden could not cause inflation in a few short months. Inflation was on its way before the last president left office. I could go on, but I won't.

I have things I can refute in all your posts, but why bother? We are all entitled to our opinions.

Cappy said...

Rolling through Oiho and Indiana bringing my Goode Family liberal sister to last year's Thanksgiving festivities in Indy, she groused that "Americans don't pay enough for gas". Yeah, they know, and they love it.

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