May 21, 2022

Curious Case of Censorship

I wasn’t much in the mood to write anything this morning. Since I am the courteous sort, I thought I’d just put up a quick post stating such. That idea in reality creates a quasi-paradox since posting a statement that I’m not going to post creates a post in itself. 

When I arrived at the Blogger dashboard I had two separate notifications that posts had been censored for violations of community guidelines. One was blocked behind a content notice, the other unpublished in its entirety. Huh? The problem is that no specific post is referenced in the notices. I scrolled back to December and found nothing in Draft that I didn’t leave there. I’m not sure what recent post would be filled with adult content either. In fact, I’m not sure I have posted nudity at all. Who knows? I have put out a lot of material over the nearly two decades of this piece o’crap blog. Maybe way back in the roaring naughts? 

I am not surprised someone somewhere was offended by my content. I am surprised it took this long to be censored by the leftists that run the hosting site. 

If you are expecting a grandiose outraged rant on censorship you are about to be disappointed. When you use someone’s platform you follow their rules. Just as there is no free speech at work (looking at you who are offended you cannot teach Sex Ed to first graders in Florida), the Google overlords have the right to limit my speech. I can like it or leave it. So it goes. 

Far from upset, I’m mostly curious as to the offending posts.

How about some music to mellow this Saturday conundrum? 

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B said...

And that's why I moved from Blogger.

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