July 1, 2022

They’ve got a name for the winners of the world

I have had Steely Dan’s Deacon Blues playing an endless loop in my head since sometime in the middle of the night. Not even the whole song, just the chorus. While I generally like Steely Dan, that isn’t one of my favorite tunes. 

I have much work for a Friday heading into the long weekend. Unfortunately, Microsoft Office started misbehaving right around quitting time last night. It told me I needed to sign back in, then proceeded to inform me my password was incorrect. Then locked me out when I insisted it was right. Th computer overlords won. Now I have to get IT to fix stuff when the workday starts. Unless I can sign in I can’t give them remote access to the screen...I’m sure they can figure it out. If not, my long week starts earlier than I thought! 

Sitting here in the recliner in my office I realize just how much I hate the paint color. When we moved in I told the wife no brown. Of course nearly every room is a shade of brown or tan. When my office was one of the back bedrooms it was a yellow. Now I have a light chocolate brown. It looks nice with my black office furniture, but I really do not like it. 

I just made up my mind I am going to repaint it a different color. Probably in the fall when I don’t have outside stuff I want to do. Now I have to decide what color I want. 

Actually, every room needs repainted in the house. It has been nine years since we moved in. The bedrooms used by the girls have been redone, but everything else is old. The walls are getting marked and scuffed. I don’t mind working around the house, I really do not like painting though. 

OK, I can’t get that song out of my head. Maybe listening to it will help. Worse case, it gets stuck in your head. Misery loves company. 

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary a day late!

Best earworm buster I've come across?

Boston: More Than a Feeling'

It takes a few minutes, but then both songs usuallyjust fall outta my head and go away.


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