June 20, 2024

Darn you, Tippi Hedron


I have this water feature in my backyard beside my patio. I find it relaxing when I sit and ponder life, work, or the cigar I’m smoking.

Every bird in the Mudsock zip code seems to think the thing is their personal water fountain and bath tub. I have to routinely fill it with fresh water and clean out the filter on the pump because, well, they are dirty filthy nasty birds. 

What is the thanks I get for giving our avian friends access to water?

This, on my patio door:

Splattered through the screen.

Stupid birds.

Happy Summer!


Cappy said...

Direct hit!

Anonymous said...

Just wait 'til they start eatin' the mulberries.



glasslass said...

Birds doing what birds do.

Linda said...

Put a plastic snake or two around your water and back door. Birds quit sitting on the railing when I put one on a plant or two. I like birds but not putting my hand in their presents as I struggle to stay upright. Enough birds come by that I still have nature out the window. Fake snakes work to keep birds away from tomatoes and blueberries you might like to raise to eat.
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